How to Apply for PhD in the UK

The UK is one of the ideal places to start your PhD journey in any discipline. It is so because of the research-based approach that every university in the UK follows, making higher studies beneficial for students. Another important criterion of picking the universities of the UK is that there are abundant scholarships for international students available. With such advantages, you not just get the best education but also financial support throughout your degree.

When you are studying for a PhD in the UK then you get a supervisor who assists you for the duration of your course (>3 years full-time and >6 years part-time). You can take admission in MPhil (Master of Philosophy), MRes (Master of Research) or Professional Doctorate. Every course has different specifications and areas of expertise that are offered by various universities to eligible Indian students.

Entry Requirements for PhD in the UK

Entry requirements for foreign countries are often too stringent and vary predominantly for different cities and institutions. You need to be vigilant enough to understand where you wish to apply. Thorough guidance is required at the time of filling out applications for pursuing PhD in the UK.

When you are taking admission in any top university like Oxford, Cambridge or UCL, PhD admissions generally are based on your postgraduate degree and your scores in any English language proficiency test.

Here is a detailed view of all the entry requirements that you need to suffice to secure a spot at the best universities in the UK:

  • A master’s degree or a 4-year bachelors (Honours) degree with 70% or more marks.
  • Valid scores in any test that shows your proficiency in English.
  • A research proposal that clearly answers the important questions like why you wish to do this course and why it is important for your future.
  • Letter of Reference (academic preferred)

Some universities might ask you to write a detailed personal statement and submit samples of written work to consider your candidature. If you are going to study at UCL, then PhD entry requirements even include getting in touch with your superior beforehand. All this information can be tailored methodically and provided to you based on your inclinations and requirements by SI-UK.

Top universities for PhD in the UK for Indian students

Although all the major universities are open for Indian students who want to pursue PhD in the UK, there are a select few that are ideal for students. Here are the top universities for doing PhD in the UK for Indian students:

  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge
  • Imperial College London
  • King’s College London
  • University College London
  • University of Edinburgh
  • University of Manchester

These universities offer PhD programs in various subjects like Chemistry, Medicine, Material Science, Law, Journalism and more. If you wish to know the right university for your area of study then you can get in touch with SI-UK experts.

Studying PhD in the UK can cost around £10,000 to £30,000 and this depends on your subject, university and other such factors. The good part is that universities in the UK and the government of India offers financial aid to students who are in need or are deserving.

PhD scholarships for Indian students in the UK

PhD being a research degree can take a longer time to complete than other postgraduate courses. That is why it is a wise move to apply for different scholarships that are offered to Indian students. Here is the list of all the popular and useful scholarships that accept applications for PhD programs:

  1. Felix Scholarship: Offered to students who need financial aid to pursue their higher studies in the UK.
  2. Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarships: Awarded to students who are meritorious and want to opt for a PhD degree in the UK.
  3. President’s PhD Scholarship: Imperial College London offers scholarships based on scores of both undergraduate and master’s levels of education.
  4. Gates Cambridge: This scholarship is offered by the University of Cambridge to students who choose a full-time PhD program.
  5. Oxford-E P Abraham Research Fund Graduate Scholarship: Students are selected in medicine courses to study at the University of Oxford to get a full-fee waiver and extra grant.

There are other scholarships available too which are beneficial for Indian students with full or partial grants, awarded on different bases for every academic year in different subjects. Like other courses, PhD programs also have both university and government-funded scholarships for the best students in India.

If you wish to study in the UK but have a lot of questions in mind then don’t rely on Google searches alone. You need proper guidance to reach the right university. With a free consultation call with SI-UK, you can get expert advice on how to land in the best universities without much hassle. Book right away and get help in research proposal & interview preparation apart from other guidance that our overseas counsellors can offer. Get in touch today.

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