All About Engineering Management & Aerospace Engineering

Engineering Management & Aerospace Engineering

“Productive is most important by engineering management rules, but enjoyment is most important for engineers. One stems from the other!”

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the median annual wage for engineering managers was $134,730 in May 2016, and employment is projected to grow 6 percent from 2016 to 2026.

If you have technical and analytical skills, a big picture vision and like to be challenged on a daily basis, a career in Engineering Management may be for you. But before going for an engineering management course, one must know what engineering management is all about.

Engineering Management in easy terms is ‘The application of the practice of management to the practice of engineering. A specialized form of management is expected to lead engineering personnel and ensure programs and projects are successfully delivered.

There are several career opportunities in the engineering management courses. With an improvement in public sector infrastructure projects and businesses going global, engineering administrators will remain in high demand. An engineering management degree develops skills in mathematics, the sciences, communications, and humanities, therefore, qualified professionals for a diverse range of jobs, including -

• Engineering Project Manager

• Senior Lead Analyst

• Cost Systems Analyst

• Construction Management Engineer

• Industrial Management Engineer

Below is the list of best UK universities to study Engineering Management

1. King’s College London

2. University of Glasgow

3. University of Sheffield

4. University of York

5. University of Leeds

6. University of Birmingham

7. Royal Holloway, University of London

8. University of Surrey

9. Anglia Ruskin University

10. Aston University

If one is willing to study Engineering Management in the UK, there are several arrangements for a free consultation with SI-UK today. They can help you apply to a wide range of postgraduate courses at universities across the UK.

As we all know, the engineering profession is vast and keeps up the promise of a bright future. Engineers are a crucial part of any organization whether it comes to enhancing productivity or producing a better product. A bachelor’s degree helps to build a foundation in the field of engineering while a master’s is a must for career progression.

A Master’s in Engineering Management programme helps engineering graduates draw a connection between technology and management. Also called the MBA for engineers, the curriculum of the technical degree includes intellectual management, management law, and marketing finance.

The UK has become a top choice for international students looking for high quality education and lifestyle. Here is a list of the top 10 colleges in the UK offering a program in Masters in Engineering Management. Know about each college and choose the best one for you.

• University of Greenwich

• King’s College London

• University of Birmingham

• De Montfort University

• University College London

• North Umbria University

• University of Warwick

• Coventry University

• Brunel University

• University of Huddersfield

Moving on to Aerospace Engineering, this field covers a number of similar professions, all of which are necessary to establish a full engineering team. They include fluid mechanics, , propulsion, mathematics, software design and materials science. An emphasis on technical and management skills, as well as physics, maths, and fluid mechanics, signifies that other branches of engineering and research are also open to graduates.

Aerospace Engineering graduates reveal roles in areas such as aircraft and component design, flight simulation, aircraft manufacture, maintenance and testing, patent engineering, structures engineer and systems engineer. Aerospace Engineering employment opportunities are available at a spectrum of different companies involved in the design and manufacture of aircraft and associated aspects of the industry.

Following is the list of universities that one can for the best aerospace engineering

1.University of Cambridge

2.Imperial College London

3.University of Bath

4.University of Bristol

5.University of Strathclyde

6.University of Glasgow

7.University of Southampton

8.University of Nottingham

9.Loughborough University

10.University of Sheffield

Thus, whether you are fresh out of college, or are looking to go forward in your current career, a Master’s in Management would be the right place to start. With a focus on management, while also enhancing and improving your knowledge in your technical area of expertise and aptitude course is well served for any engineer looking to make an impression in the business world the correct way.

Carve your own success pathway and be who you want to be.

Good luck!



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